Our new transmitter with news Chuukese Assistant Station Manager Maverick Namelo

God continues to open doors for our new Chuukese Radio Station, Pwipwi Soulang 630 AM. A modern, used transmitter that turned out to be an incredible bargain and blessing has finally arrived. The transmitter took six months to ship from the tiny island of Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean to Guam. We are still operating on a temporary antenna at low power and are only partially covering the island of Guam. We are hoping to raise enough funds to put up a new tower by July of 2022.  This will allow us to go to full power and reach the Chuukese people across the island of Guam, Saipan Chuuk, and Yap State.

We’ve hired a new Chuukese Assistant Manager who will work with volunteers to create Chuukese programs and develop announcer talent. We’re excited that God has brought us this far and are praying for his continued blessings and provisions to grow this ministry.

$222,474.06 has been raised thus far! We are so thankful for everyone that has shared a gift to make this possible. We still need to raise $127,525. The majority of expenses remaining are for the erection of a new tower.  Thank you for investing in the lives of the estimated 70,000 Chuukese across our region as we seek to proclaim the everlasting gospel in these last days of Earth’s history.

Learn how you can help us reach 70,000 Chuukese-speaking people here.