About Us

Our Vision

We seek to evangelize, educate and inspire the people of Guam and Micronesia, leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible Truths, emphasizing His imminent return.

Our Mission

We strive to proclaim the love of God, encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, share our hope of salvation and promote the three angels’ message to all the people throughout Guam and Micronesia.


Joy FM has been on the air since 1991 at 91.9 in Guam bringing hope and encouragement to thousands. In 2010 we built our second station, 89.9 KORU-FM on the island of Saipan. The first Christian station on the island and the only one still on the air, it continues to bless thousands across Saipan and the neighboring island of Tinian.

In 2017 we built FM stations on Ebeye, Majuro, and Kosrae. In 2018 we built a station on the island of Pohnpei. In 2020 we built another FM station on the island of Yap  In 2020 we also began a new audio stream called The Story Channel which streams uplifting stories 24/7 to listeners around the world.

In 2021 we were miraculously given an AM license on the island of Guam. This extremely difficult-to-obtain license will allow us to reach up to 70,000 Chuukese-speaking people on the islands of Guam, Saipan, Chuuk, and eastern Yap state. We are currently broadcasting at low power on Pwipwi Soulang 630 AM as we fundraise to build a new tower and begin full power broadcasts across the region.

Currently, over 300,000 people can tune in to Joy FM on their island. God is using Joy FM in a powerful way in these last days to point people to Jesus and prepare a people for his soon return. Thank you for your support of our growing ministry!

Download the Mobile App: Google Play | App Store "Alexa, Play Joy FM Radio"

91.9 FM Guam / 89.9 FM CNMI