Yap’s GOT JOY!!

Aug 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

by Matthew Dodd

Yap’s radio station choices just doubled! For many years Yap has had a government owned AM station V6AI has covered the island of Yap. A handful of other stations have come and gone on the FM dial. Only the government run AM station remains on the air.

Yap, known as the island of stone money has a fascinating culture and darker side. Black magic and superstition are still deeply rooted in the culture. This island needs more hope and joy!

For more than 20 years Jeffrey Adalbai has dreamed of having an FM radio station for the island of Yap that would share the Good News of the true creator. That dream became a reality in February! A brand-new FM radio station is on the air in Yap covering the entire 4 islands of Yap proper. 

Yap’s 2010 census estimated the islands population at 11,377. With only one other station there’s not a lot of competition for listeners. Our prayer is that every person on Yap will be able to tune in to our new station from time to time to hear the inspiring music and messages of hope and joy! Please keep our little stations across Micronesia in your prayers.

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