The Doctors are In!

Aug 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

by Rosetrina Elidok

We’re making an extra effort to help our community during this COVID-19 quarantine period. One way we’re reaching out is via our LIVE medical program, Total Health. The show is co-hosted by two medical doctors from the Guam Adventist Clinic. In addition to taking live phone calls, Drs. Timothy Arnott and Michael Robinson also share the most common questions from their patients. Because we know residents are currently being extra cautious and many choose to hold off on visiting the clinics, the doctors are bringing their expertise to the people through this special weekly program.

The show has undergone some changes, which include pre-recorded questions and segments from various specialists. These pockets of knowledge will benefit anyone listening. While on the radio, Total Health Live simultaneously streams on our Facebook page. 

Total Health is a ministry kept alive by the volunteer work of many of our health professionals and staff, as well as the financial support of our listeners. Our doctors incorporate ministry and medicine as they tend to both the spiritual and physical concerns of our live callers. Dr. Robinson says, “I desire to share with our listeners an appreciation for the wonderful way in which we are made, that they may be inspired with reverence for our Creator.”

The doctors’ combined wealth of knowledge and calm demeanor immediately put callers at ease. Our doctors have even prayed over the airwaves. One listener, Vangie, said, “The messages are very informational. I believe that those who listen may benefit from the medical opinions given.”

Each week ushers in a different topic, such as digestive cancers, infection, and diabetes. While you will hear practical advice on how to combat sickness, Total Health also teach how to live in wellness. God not only wants you free of disease; He wants you to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually! Dr. Arnott believes, “An optimal relationship with God depends upon a healthy mind, which is dependent upon a healthy body. Therefore, whatever health principles our listeners learn and practice has an eternal impact.”

If you have a medical-related question, call it in at 472-1111 (Guam), 323-1113 (CNMI), or text/WhatsApp us at (671)686-9999 (free from the CNMI).

We encourage everyone to see their doctors before implementing any major lifestyle changes discussed during our shows. Dr. Arnott leaves you with this blessing: “I wish above all things that residents of Guam and Micronesia may prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers.”

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