New Host for Joy in the Journey

Aug 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

by Matthew Dodd

Scott Losongco never dreamed he would work at a radio station. He’s had some interesting jobs and some jobs weren’t so pretty. Scott started listening to JOY FM 3 years ago. He worked at a sister ministry right next door to JOY FM for almost a year and walked past the station every day, but never thought he’d work here.

Scott began training as a host of Joy in the Journey in December 2019. He loves reaching out to people on Joy in the Journey and praying for listeners. His positive attitude and infectious laugh are a blessing to the staff and listeners.

Scott and his wife have a full house with two boys and three girls.  The whole family loves listening to JOY FM.  The kids love to listen to the stories.  His wife likes to listen to Family Life and Money Wise.

Scott appreciates hearing listeners testimonies and knowing that JOY FM is touching lives.

In addition to hosting Joy in the Journey, Scott also produces the program Straight from the Bible. He also sets up programming for each week, so you can hear all your favorite programs.

Join Scott for Joy in the Journey on your drive home weekdays afternoons starting at 4 PM.

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